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Double Power Fitness pump in Pakistan

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Health pump Rocket fitness Push Up Pump in Pakistan As seen On tv

The fitness Pump in Pakistan Works The Chest Muscels, The Shoulders, The back Muscels, The Biceps And The Triceps.
It also facilitates Tone Your Abs, so you Are running Your way To A attractive Six % with out Even thinking about It. It Even Tones Your Legs And Buns thru The precept Of Static tension so you Are operating Your whole frame With One easy movement.
Authentic health Pump in Pakistan Is the brand new fitness tool Designed to strengthen And broaden Sculpted percent, Triceps, Deltoids, Lats , And For toning Abs, Legs And Buttocks .
The machine lets in You To Leverage The conventional Push-u.S.With extra Ease And less Fatigue. Health Pump Makes The muscle tissues paintings twice With The identical force, decreasing The body Weight through 50% And permitting You To keep a good Posture for your lower back.
Ts rapid And clean. The fitness Pump rate in Pakistan changed into presented The Gold Medal In 2001 on the Paris Invention fair In reputation Of The progressive Patended Lever precept That supports Your body Weight allowing You To perform as a minimum 3 times As Many Repetitions As you would thru ordinary Push-Up.
The improved range Of movement enables You To absolutely paintings The Muscels Of Your top frame whilst defensive And Strengthening You again.
The 3 Handles permit you to work out one-of-a-kind Muscel companies With extraordinary ranges Of intensity. Just increase Your Reps on the external manage and you Get A fantastic cardio workout. The soft Padded guide Cussion Is Designed For consolation For each men and women Of All Sizes.


Fitness Pump features:

Designed to duplicate The classic Push-Up exercising however With reduced back stress
Exercises The Pectorals, Dorsals, Deltoid And Triceps Muscle agencies
Manufactured from high Grade metallic
Compact whilst now not In Use For easy garage
Contributes To Sculptured Silouhette, firm Toned frame, proper lower back Posture, extended Chest strength


How it Works?

The classic Push Up Reinvented: With The fitness Pump you've got three specific Grips For A huge And entire range Of sports.
Outside take care of lets in A huge range Of moves which can be operating The muscular tissues Of The Shoulders And again Of The Chest.
Internal cope with increases Resistance And lets in You To work at the Biceps, Triceps, Pectorals And The muscles Of The Chest. This outcomes In A robust Enhancement Of The Biceps For men however For ladies, outcomes In A Breast Contouring And Muscle Tone Of The fingers.


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